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Body Shapes: The H Shape

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The H is one of the most difficult shapes to dress. Like its longer and slimmer cousin the I shape, the H shape has shoulders and hips of the same width, and no defined waist. Even when they carry no excess weight, H shapes have broader (and often shorter) torsos than I shapes, and can easily look masculine if they are not careful. They usually find that belting or tucking in does not work for them. Their best feature is often their long shapely legs.

Body Shapes explained: H shape or rectangle

If you are H shaped :

  • Your hips and shoulders are the same width

  • You have a undefined waist

  • Rectangular shape ("brick") - wider than I-shape

  • Outfits can easily look "boxy", or masculine or ill-proportioned

  • You may have a flat bottom and/or long legs

You will look great in:

  • Pencil skirts, straight leg pants

  • Tops/Jackets ending at the hip bone

  • Column of colour to elongate torso

  • Accessories at decolettage like jewellery and scarves

  • Vertical detailing, deep V necks

  • Low-rise jeans with straight legs, bootlegs or wide legs

  • Godet, trumpet, paneled, gored or pencil skirts

  • Princess seams


  • Details at the waist such as belts

  • Double breasted or cropped jackets

  • Tapered pants, skinny jeans, high waisted pants

  • Too much fabric and detail: keep it simple and clean


Refocusing attention from your waist to face or legs and creating a vertical line to make the torso look longer


Buy clothes to fit your waist and have hips/thighs altered to fit.

Famous H-shapes:

  • The late Diana, princess of Wales

  • Anne Hathaway

  • Kim Catrall

  • Kristen Stewart

  • Mila Kunis

  • Hillary Duff

  • Heidi Klum

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