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Karin Davidson

Image Consultant 

Professional Stylist 

Personal Shopper 

Wardrobe Warrior

I'm here to empower you to be your best, most confident self in all situations, with a wardrobe you love and feel proud of. In the last thirteen years, I have helped hundreds of women take control of their wardrobe and improve their self-confidence by discovering their best colours and defining their personal style.

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Colour Analysis

The easiest way to instantly look younger, livelier and more engaging, is to wear the colours that suit your complexion. The colours that suit you will focus the attention on your eyes. They also make the skin appear smoother, and put more colour in the cheeks and lips, so that you look more radiant. The "wrong" colours, on the other hand, will draw the attention to skin blemishes and wrinkles, make the eyes look dull and give a "downturn" to the mouth. 

Karin draping colour warm and cool

I use the Absolute Colour System, developed by Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image in Melbourne. It is the most scientifically sound, accurate and easy-to-use colour system available. Comprising 18 categories (9 warm and 9 cool), with delectable names like Spicy, Sublime and Mysterious, you will get the most reliable and precise colour analysis, and can completely trust the outcome.

Many of my clients have had colour analysis done using a different system, but have found that many of the colours they'd been matched with don't work for them. I can guarantee you will love all the colours you are given with the Absolute Colour System, and that you will receive many compliments wearing them!

You can choose between a personal (one-on-one) colour consultation, a group colour workshop, and online colour analysis. Click below to learn more about each.

Style Advice

Do you know how to dress for your body shape, vertical proportions, scale, facial features (yes, it influences your clothing choices!) or your somatotype? Does your wardrobe accurately reflect your personality and lifestyle? Are you stuck in a bygone era, or is your style evolving and reflecting the person you are or want to be? 

Whether in-person, in a workshop setting, or online, I can guide you through the maze that is personal style, and help you discover the styles, accessories, prints and fabrics that bring out the best in you and make you shine.




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Wardrobe Solutions

Wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? Don't know where to start?

Let me help. Whether in-person or online, or by giving you step-by-step guidelines on wardrobe editing and outfit building, I can help you take your wardrobe from a hot mess to a space you can be proud of, and that serves your needs perfectly.

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Met my mum for a cuppa this morning and she couldn't stop complimenting my makeup and skin. 
So very happy, I love the new expression of me!

Jill Webb

Never before have I been able to shop with such confidence nor choose from my wardrobe and step out knowing I am putting my "best foot forward".

Mari Steyn

Karin Davidson is a great Image Consultant! I'm amazed how wrong I colour coded!
Thanks Karin

For their birthdays I treated a couple of friends to a capsule wardrobe session with Perth Image. We had such a good time with the delightful Karin. I've been to styling sessions before and left feeling frumpy, flat and inadequate. Karin's practical but positive approach is refreshing and inspiring. She simplified the process into logical steps. Two of us started putting together capsules from our existing wardrobes that very evening, just in time to pack for overseas trips and looking forward to holidays with stacks of outfits, despite taking considerably less luggage.

Can't wait to do a colour and style session with you, Karin! Thank you. :)

 - Elsa R

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