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 If you often feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear, or you feel like you are stuck in Frump City, you've come to the right place. 

I believe in the unique beauty of every person, at every stage of life, and I believe I can help to bring out the best in you by showing you the right choices for your colouring, body shape, lifestyle and personality.


I can help you say goodbye to the unflattering, keep or buy exactly what you need, and then help you organise it all into versatile and wearable outfits, so that you can get dressed easily and oh-so-stylishly every day. 

First, we Discover your Colours, in a personal consultation or a Colour Workshop and show you how to wear these colours together.

Then we Celebrate your Shape by showing you the right styles for your body shape, proportions, facial features and more.

And finally, we Find your Fabulous by creating a workable, wearable, sustainable and packable mix&match wardrobe that you can reach into and pull out an inspirational outfit every day.

colour analysis colours done my tall stylist
colour analysis colours done discover your colour Karin Davidson Image Consultant My Tall Stylist

Choose to attend a one-on-one session, a fun workshop, or even an online consultation with Karin, and learn how to make dressing easier, more affordable, more sustainable and more enjoyable!

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