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How to wear a red dress

February is the month of love, and going on a hot date with your significant other is a wonderful tradition.

If you love wearing a red dress for the occasion, make sure it looks amazing.

I see a lot of red dresses in the society pages that are not living up to their full potential, because they are not accessorised correctly, especially in the shoe department.

Which brings us to the 5 rules of wearing a red dress:

Rule 1: Wear the right shoes

Repeat after me: blondes should not wear black shoes with a red dress.

Why not? We end up focusing on your black shoes, because they don't harmonise with anything in your appearance, and your loveliness gets lost.

When wearing a red dress (or any other colour, for that matter), you should either wear shoes in the same shade of red (looks divine!), or your shoes should tone with your hair.

These are the best shoe colours to wear with a red dress:

Blondes: nude/beige/gold/silver

Brunettes: brown/tan/gold or navy

Ravens: navy or black

Gray hair: silver/gray

The only exception to this rule is when you wear a hat in the same colour as your shoes, for instance a red dress with a black hat and black shoes can work even if you have blonde hair.

Rule 2: Wear the right red

If you have warm colouring, you will look better in a warm (yellow-based) red, which will make your skin look smooth and glowing. A cool (blue-toned) red will make warm skin sallow, and give you dark circles under the eyes.

Similarly, if you have cool colouring, a warm red will make you look tired.

Rule 3: Accessorise it right

A red dress is inherently glamorous and makes a bold statement. Make sure your accessories follow suit! Try to match your jewellery to your hair colour or your shoe colour for an elegant look.

If the neckline is low, DO wear a necklace!

Rule 4: Lipstick!

A red dress deserves red lipstick, full stop. Make sure it's in the same shade as the dress, and keep eye makeup minimal and natural.

Rule 5: Confidence

Hold your head up high and enjoy the admiring looks you get in your red dress!

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