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Body Shapes explained: A Shape

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Easily the most common body shape of all for women, the A-shape (also unflatteringly called the Pear shape) has hips that are wider than shoulders. This is a very feminine shape, and looks great in dresses with some accentuation at the waist and a flared skirt. Naturally curvy, the A shape's torso is widest at the hip socket. Waist bands and belts are very flattering, but it can be difficult to find pants and skirts that fit both waist and hips, so alterations may be necessary.

An X shape (hourglass) who gains weight usually turns into an A shape: the hips become wider but the shoulders remain much the same size as before.

If you are A-shaped:

Body Shape A shape
  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders, and you have a relatively small waist

  • You often wear a size or two larger on the bottom than the top

  • The widest part of your hip is low - at the hip socket

  • The hips have a natural angle, like a triangle - not straight down

  • You have the healthiest distribution of fat of all the body shapes, which means less chance of heart disease!

You will look great in:

  • A-line skirts, bootleg or flared trousers

  • Jackets/tops that end above widest point of hip

  • Wide necklines, shoulder pads

  • Summer dresses!

  • Dark-coloured, plain bottoms; light, bright or patterned tops

  • Layering on top half to create volume

  • Wide V-necks, sweetheart necklines, boat necks

  • Empire waist and wrap styles

  • Flat-fronted trousers with roomy thighs


  • Bottoms that are light-coloured, shiny, textured or clingy

  • Bottoms with horizontal lines or detail, e.g. tiered skirts, cargo pants

  • Anything boxy

  • Halter necks, raglan sleeves, dolman sleeves,

  • Pants with tapered legs (skinny jeans!), back pockets, low-rise pants


  • Your waist

  • Your shoulders, bust or decolletage


  • Showing your curves without over-emphasizing them

  • balancing shoulders and hips


  • Fit bottom/hips/thighs and have waist taken in

Famous A shapes:

  • Katie Holmes

  • Christina Aguilera

  • Kate Winslet

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Rachel Bilson

  • Cate Blanchett

  • Beyonce (when she carries a bit of weight)

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