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How to do a Wardrobe Audit

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Organising your wardrobe. Karin Davidson Image Consultant and personal stylist, My Tall Stylist, Perth

It's the start of a new year, and a great time to get organised. A tidy wardrobe means you can pick an outfit in no time, and your day starts off with a feeling of accomplished calm instead of panic.

Besides, who wants to spend hours every morning deciding what to wear?

​We all have better things to do.

Here are some tips and a free printable checklist to make things easier.

How to audit your wardrobe:

Set aside two hours for clearing your wardrobe

Set aside two hours for this task. After two hours, STOP, pack away what you want to keep, bag the cast-offs, and put the "maybe" items in a box until you have time to sort them out again. (This may be never, but that's not necessarily a bad thing).

Take everything out of your wardrobe and place back after making a decision about each item. Karin Davidson Image consultant and personal stylist. My Tall Stylist, Perth

Take everything out of your wardrobe and hang on a clothing rail (I got mine at Bunnings) or lay it on your bed. Start with your favourite items. Try each item on, make a decision (use the checklist to guide you) and hang or place them back in the wardrobe as you go.

Use laundry baskets to make your wardrobe audit easier. Karin Davidson, image consultant and personal stylist. My Tall Stylist, Perth

Put the discards in a rubbish bag or box to be taken to charity.

Have laundry baskets ready for "maybe/keep for later" items as well as "repair/dye' items.

Make notes or download your free wardrobe checklist. My Tall Stylist

Have paper and pen at hand, and jot down any ideas that spring to mind, such as "I should really get something to wear with this top," or " I should get a new black cardigan to replace this one." Pin notes to items that need to be altered or dyed.

Remember to print out the checklist from the instruction booklet (download below). Make more copies if you have a lot of clothes.

Wire coat hangers can damage your clothes. Karin Davidson Image Consultant and personal stylist. My Tall Stylist. Perth

If you are still using wire coat hangers (the dry-cleaner variety), throw them out. They are damaging your clothes. A good alternative is velour-coated plastic coat hangers (they are available at Bunnings and Spotlight and online). They grip the clothes so they don't slip, and they are very slim, meaning you can hang more items in the same space.

Take unwanted clothes to charity. Karin Davidson Image consultant and personal stylist. My Tall Stylist. Perth

After the cleanout, take the bagged items to the charity shop immediately. This will stop you from rummaging through it to find your ragged little black cardigan when you're getting dressed tomorrow morning.

Very Important: Only keep in your closet that which you are currently wearing. Everything else must be stored out of sight.

Remember, help is at hand:

Karin Davidson Wardrobe expert. Capsule wardrobe. Wardrobe audit

If you still have trouble deciding what to keep, or find it hard to ascertain which colours and styles suit you, then contact me for a Colour consultation, or enrol in one of my Colour, Style or Capsule Wardrobe workshops.

Click here to receive your free "Wardrobe Resolutions" booklet with printable checklist

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