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What are "Warm" Colours?

Shoes in Warm colours
Shoes in Warm colours

In image consulting, we consider a colour to be warm if it contains any yellow pigment. This includes a range of colours from yellow, green (blue+yellow), orange (red+yellow), and even warm purple (purple+yellow), through to browns.

The warmth (or yellowness) of our skin is reportedly determined by the amount of beta-carotene our skin holds. Some people have obviously warm skin, while with others, especially those with very light or very dark skin, it is a little harder to determine.

People with warm colouring look good in the "natural" colours - browns, yellows, greens, but also in most blues (as blue is complementary (or "opposite") to their skin colour.

Black, white and grey (all cool colours) are usually not ideal on people with warm colouring, unless these colours are present in their facial features (e.g.eyes) or on their head (hair).

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