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Colour Workshop Fun

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

On a sizzling January morning in Perth, four local ladies collaborated with a certain tall stylist to discover their best colours in clothing and makeup, with incredible results.

Despite the early start (to beat the heat), everyone was ready to answer the all-important question: "What colours can I wear?"

We started off with a short lesson on colour theory and how it affects what we can and cannot wear.

Then everyone was draped individually to ascertain whether they have cool or warm, soft or clear, and light or dark colouring. One of 18 colour categories was picked, and each lady received her personal colour swatch and booklet.

Now for the WORK in workshop! Everyone's individual value and colour contrast levels had to be ascertained and applied to their personal colouring. This is necessary for understanding how to confidently combine your colours in the most flattering ways. It's a challenging concept to get your head around, but oh so satisfying once you connect the dots and apply it to your own wardrobe.

Lastly, the makeup tutorial, turning everyone into a professional makeup artist for their own face, with knowledge of exactly which colours to apply, and how. The end results speak for themselves, I think!

Well done, ladies.

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