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Travel light with a Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Do you ever exclaim "I have nothing to wear!", even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes?

Do you sometimes find it hard to create an outfit that looks and feels "just right"?

Organizing your closet around Capsules will save you a lot of money and wardrobe space, and make it easy to create an outfit every day, allowing you to leave home looking great and feeling fabulous.

​Plus, by buying fewer clothes, you are helping to save the environment.

A Capsule is a formula for creating a mix&match wardrobe that will give you up to 72 outfits from only 13 garments. Each capsule is built around a small palette of colours that suit and flatter you.

Each Capsule is unique, and is created around your own colouring, body shape, proportions and lifestyle, giving you a flattering outfit for every day of the week (or month!) using only a handful of garments.

Capsules are also the bomb when it comes to packing for holidays. Yes, you CAN travel with only a carry-on and still look amazing!

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