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What are the right colours for me if I'm not a typical "Season"?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

During a recent Colour Workshop, I analysed these three ladies' colours. All three of them have "atypical" colouring: colouring that sits close to the warm/cool divide, and is not obvious or easy to spot.

Elodie's ideal colours are called "Opulent".

Opulent colours are overall deep/dark, to go with her dark hair, somewhat warm, to complement her cool olive skintone and warm eyes, and clear without being too bright. These are the most jewel-like of colours: saturated and mesmerising.

The worst colours for Elodie would be cool pastels or dull beige tones. These would make her look sallow and do nothing to emphasise her beautiful skin, eyes and hair.

Lize, Elodie's mom, has "Sophisticated" colouring: cool and soft with medium depth. There is a smokiness or hint of grey in all her ideal colours, which brings out the lovely softness of her eyes.

Lize should avoid overly bright colours or colours with a yellow undertone. She would get lost in almost all shades of yellow or orange, as well as rusts and warm olive or khaki.

Lize can wear black with some caution.

Jennifer, like Lize, has soft colouring. Her ideal colours are not overly bright, but quite soft and muted, often with a hint of grey. Jennifer's colours are, however, on the warm side of the colour spectrum, with lovely peachy pinks and cool olive greens. Her best neutrals are chocolate browns and soft, dark brownish or greenish greys.

Jennifer's worst colours are cool, bright colours like cerise pink and pastel blue. She should avoid black, as it is too cool, bright and dark for her colouring.

These Colour Analyses were done by Karin Davidson from My Tall Stylist, using the Absolute Colour System, which was developed by Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image and Inside Out Style Blog, in Melbourne.

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