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Signature Colours

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

The beatiful Jo after her colour analysis with her signature colours
The beatiful Jo after her colour analysis, with her signature colours

What are Signature Colours?

When we analyse your colours, you receive a Colour Swatch of 50 to 60 of your best colours. All these colours have common characteristics, such as level of warmth and level of chroma (bright or muted), and all of them will harmonise with your natural colouring.

Some colours, however, are even better than others at making you shine. We call these "Signature Colours". Some of these may make your eyes "pop" while others will make your skin appear luminous, or make your hair colour seem richer.

Colour swatches

While we work with 18 different Colour categories (or "seasons") in the Absolute Colour System, we do not just categorise you as a certain "type". We carefully select your signature colours from your personal swatch, and also show you which combinations of colours you can (and cannot) wear. Each person's Signature Colours and colour combinations are unique, because each of us has a unique combination of hair, skin and eye colour.

How can I use Signature Colours in my outfits?

Colour wheel

Your Signature colours are colours that already exist in your natural appearance, such as your skin, cheeks, hair and eyes, and the complementary colours to them. Complementary colours sit on the opposite side of the Colour Wheel, such as yellow vs blue, or green vs red/pink.

We categorise them as eye-enhancing, skin-enhancing or hair-enhancing colours.

Eyes of different colours

Eye enhancing colours are best for tops, swimwear, scarves and jewellery; also for close-up meetings or photos. These are the colours of your eyes and their complements.

Different colours lipstick

Lip/skin enhancing colours are best for tops, scarves and makeup. These are usually colours from your pink/orange range.

Shoes in natural colours

Hair enhancing colours are best for investments items such as coats, bags, shoes and belts. These would usually be colours that tone with your hair, and their complements.

Karin Davidson Image consultant Colour analysis

If you live in or around Perth, you can have your Colour Analysis done with friends or family!

Next Colour Workshop 29th July 2023, or contact me for a Colour Party at your home.

Colour analysis colour swatches and drapes Karin Davidson Image consultant and personal stylist Perth My Tall Stylist

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